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Lip blushing technique Gloss & Go™

“Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent tattoo or makeup where people are looking to rejuvenate the colour of their lip border or the actual substance of the lip. It is not uncommon as we age to lose the pigment, particularly women, in their lips and lip lines. With the loss of colour and lip definition, a lot of women use lip liner to accommodate this and to make the lips look slightly bigger. This treatment delivers very natural results, once healed. Filler is great for creating volume in your lips, but lip blush delivers a more natural look and gives the illusion of fuller lips."

The Gloss & Go™ Lip Blush treatment is the perfect way to restore shape and fullness lost with age and transform thin or uneven lips. Video of healed lips.

How long procedure will take?

Lip blush near me session usually takes 2-3 hours

How many sessions do I need?

It usually takes at least 2 sessions.

How many colours do you have?

All colours I have can be mixed and customised during each appointment so I'm sure I will find the best tint for you!

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How long lip blush procedure last?

The treatment usually last 2-3 years depending on your skin type and your lifestyle. and other factors

Can I still have lip blush after lip filler?

Yes, you can. Having the lip filler does not interfere with the lip tattooing process. We recommend to achieve the best result possible, lip filler and lip tattoo in Cardiff appointments MUST be at least 6 weeks apart from each other.


Lips before treatment

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