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"Pay With Smile" Alopecia Eyebrow Treatment Explained

Please take a minute ro review terms and conditions regarding this offer.

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Please take a minute to review the terms and conditions regarding this offer.

What is Pay with a Smile?

This is exactly what it says it is—payment with a smile for those who have experienced brow hair loss from cancer or alopecia.

Would anyone be able to apply?

Anja offers this treatment twice a month and is on an application basis.

She donates her time and expertise to restore confidence and happiness.

Rules apply for treatment and an enquiry form must be completed.

Are there exclusions?

This treatment is not offered to those with previous semi-permanent makeup on their brows. Anja is unable to take on anyone who takes immunosuppressants as it would compromise her health. Health and meHealth and medical exclusions apply.

Treatment is offered for recent hair loss and before or after chemo treatment within the last 6-9 months only.

Tip #1 - How to apply for "Pay With Smile" Alopecia Eyebrow Treatment

Please email with a brief description of your condition.

Please be prepared to fill in detailed health questions following email.

Tip #2 - Come for a consultation and patch test

This appointment is necessary to asses skin condition and suitability for treatment.

Please wear your usual make-up for the consultation.

Tip #3 - Appointment day

Please arrive on time and make sure all your "before steps" (explained during the consultation are followed

Tip #4 - Allow makeup to heal

This usually takes about 4-6 weeks

Tip #5 - Finishing touches

Your final appointment day. We will review progress and possibly add finishing touches.

Don’t Forget permanent make-up is a daily make-up.

Permanent makeup will gradually fade over time. Every person is different but I recommend touch-up sessions every 2-3 years.

Touch-up sessions will require a patch test again.

Touch-up sessions are paid at 50% of the current full-price treatment.

Please share "Pay With Smile" Alopecia Eyebrow Treatment!

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