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Patch test- a necessity not a nuisance!

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#1Laser treatments:

Anja will effectively carry out a patch test for each and every area of treatment. This is because your hair and skin are not the same everywhere on your body. Secondly, a patch test will indicate to you and your practitioner any adverse side effects or problems prior to a full session.

Laser hair removal patch test on chin
Laser hair removal patch test on chin

This is an example of a very desirable skin reaction after a laser patch test. Skin is a bit pink and hairs are visibly removed straight after the treatment.

#electrolysis treatments:

Here we have about 10 minutes of treatment time during the consultation process. The outcomes are different and normal but must be explained.

Armpits reacted only with slight redness to the area, and shoulders with visible bumps. Both skin reactions will subside within an hour or two.

Electrolysis patch test on armpit area
Electrolysis patch test on armpit area

Left shoulder after electrolysis hair removal session
Left shoulder after electrolysis hair removal session

#permanent make-up treatments:

Anja will try to book you at least 48 hours before the appointment. This leaves enough time for the potential reaction to show.

It will be done during consultations, so you can see the place, meet your artist in person and also ask questions!

Just like any beauty treatment, permanent make up uses a range of products; specifically, pigments, numbing creams, and aftercare. So, just like any beauty treatment, it entails the risk of an allergic reaction.

We patch test for the following treatments:
  • All laser treatments

  • Brow tint

  • Lash tint

  • Lash lift

  • Lash extensions

  • Electrolysis

  • Permanent make-up (please be mindful when choosing a microblading artist as they are required to have a license from the council – "Anja Gosha"is fully licensed)

If you fail to come in 48 hours before your treatment for a test for any treatment requiring a patch test even if you have had the treatment elsewhere or it’s been more than 6 months since you last had that specific treatment with us, you will be charged full price for the treatment as we will be unable to do it.

And lastly... why I do charge for consultation and patch tests?

I do have days when I see 4 new customers just for consultation and patch test. I do try to cut appointment times to 30 min. I will allow 15 minutes grace time between appointments.

So 4x 30 is 2 hours plus 4x 15 min break between customers another hour. Would you be prepared to work 3 hours free of charge?

Few points to add.

1.Please remember place will be cooled down/ heated up season-dependent.

2.We will use needles- which I have to pay for and also pay for disposal.

3.If we patch test permanent makeup I will use some product.

4.If we patch test for laser I will use a machine which I had to buy and I'm paying service for.

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