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Mature skin care


I don't know what treatment will suit me.

When it comes to how your skin will be impacted by perimenopause or menopause, all women are different; some will breeze through this time and others will struggle with multiple symptoms. That’s why we tailor the facial to address your individual concerns. 


How often should you do galvanic facials?

A Galvanic treatment can enhance the delivery of certain key ingredients for up to 24 hours. Most clients receive this facial once a month.


What is a galvanic facial?

Galvanic facial uses a galvanic machine to render medium-amperage direct current to stimulate your skin cells, soften your skin, and drive medicines or creams deep into the layers of your skin.


Who is the best candidate for the galvanic current?

This treatment helps to improve absorption and is obviously therefore great for dry or dehydrated skin. However, it can also help customers with oily skin, as it removes congestion by reducing oil content and preventing acne breakouts.

Generally, galvanic currents boost the effectiveness of almost any skin treatment.


When I will see results?

Immediate results are visible from the 1st treatment:

-reduces dullness and imparts a natural glow to the skin.

-helps with the detoxification of the skin, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, may treat acne, and moisturizes the skin.

-helps with improved lymphatic drainage, resulting in reduced pore size which also helps to tighten up the skin


I would like to purchase package

Anja would like to offer you an exclusive package rate for your facials.

Please follow this link to pay for 5 treatments and receive your 6th one free of charge.

Offer expires 1st September 2023

Link to purchase here.

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